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The Occa Procurement team are established industry experts dedicated to delivering highly-effective purchasing solutions for your hotel, residential and workplace projects.

With over 30 years’ diverse experience of successfully sourcing, procuring, shipping & installing FF&E and OS&E products on projects worldwide, we have the technology, skills & knowledge to maximise your capital investment while exceeding your expectations.

Each project is unique and we combine our inimitable mix of

operational & finance skills with our established international supply chain to fully customise our procurement services, bringing you the optimum products and quality at the best available price for your project.

From initial consultation & interior design reviews through to sourcing, budgeting, negotiating, value engineering, procuring, logistics and the installation of all furniture, fittings & equipment on site, we project manage every step of the process delivering successful hotel, residential and workplace projects time after time.

  • Occa is appointed as the sole supplier to the project, placing all orders for your specified FF&E and OS&E on our systems.
  • We leverage our purchasing power and established supplier accounts to negotiate all pricing on your behalf
  • We identify cost savings, suggest substitutions and provide detailed budget analysis at each step of the project
  • We undertake and co-ordinate all order admin placing  orders, consolidating deliveries and organising storage & staging
  • We organise all transport and logistics to deliver products to site
  • We organise and fully co-ordinate the on-site installation of all FF&E and OS&E products
  • We undertake all pre and post-purchase queries and provide extensive post-sales support and reporting
  • Occa is appointed as your Purchasing Agents, to enable you to purchase your specified FF&E and OS&E for the project
  • We raise & issue your branded purchase orders with your preferred suppliers and carriers, negotiating costs and offering alternatives as required
  • We work with you to arrange deliveries, consolidate orders and organise transportation
  • We organise and fully coordinate the on-site installation of all FF&E and OS&E products
  • We undertake all pre and post-purchase queries with the suppliers and provide extensive post-sales support
  • You have a direct purchasing relationship with the suppliers and you make payments directly to each individual supplier.


Interior Design Services for 3D Visualisation
1. Project Management

Professional management of your project from start to finish by a multi-disciplinary team of procurement specialists

Interior Design Services for Architecture
2. Financial Management

Financial analysis and reporting by accounts & purchasing experts from the beginning of your project and at every stage throughout it

Occa Design Hotel-Design
3. Specialist Procurement

Sourcing & procurement by established industry experts, dedicated to delivering highly-effective purchasing solutions

Interior Design Services
4. Specialist Logistics

Strategic planning and delivery of the site installation programme, organising all logistics with real-time reporting

Interior Design Services for Homes
5. On-Site Installation

Full installation of all FF&E and OS&E items on site by dedicated project managers & installation professionals

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