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Revitalising a historic pub at St Andrews, balancing modern design elements with rich history to maintain its beloved status among locals and visitors.

The Jigger Inn Background

The Jigger Inn, originally dating back to the 1850s, has a rich history tied to the iconic St Andrews golf courses in Scotland.

Originally the stationmaster’s lodge for the now-defunct St Andrews railway station, the inn transformed over the years into a cherished pub and part of the Old Course Hotel. Renowned for its warm hospitality and historic charm, The Jigger Inn is adjacent to the 17th fairway of the Old Course, offering a unique vantage point for golf enthusiasts.

The Jigger inn The Brief

With its rich past and prime location, the brief for the Jigger Inn included the deliberate effort to breathe new life into the historic pub, whilst carefully preserving the authentic, rustic charm and cosy atmosphere which make it a beloved spot for locals and visitors alike.

Image of The Jigger Inn, St Andrews

The Jigger Inn Narrative

Golf is ingrained on the history and the future of St Andrews. From the early creation of hickory shafts with pear wood heads to the new high-tech steel shafts with titanium heads, golf and St Andrews are evolving.

Throughout this evolution the beauty of the surrounding landscape has remained. The striking gorse & heather that has surrounded the links and the dunes over the past 600 years is the beautiful, consistent backdrop to the Old Course. Our concept for the Jigger draws inspiration from striking a balance between these two contrasting influences.

Image of The Jigger Inn, St Andrews

The Jigger Inn What We Did

OCCA’s design & procurement team was involved in every aspect of the refurbishment process, from initial architectural layouts and bespoke joinery to detailed 3D modelling and furniture restoration and procurement. Through a refresh of its interior finishes, the design uses light colours and tones to compliment the old stone walls and original features to ensure the preservation of the pubs character and to respect and honour the well-known and beloved Jigger Inn.