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Consistently setting new standards for style, comfort and innovation in hospitality interior design, we have two decades of experience working on over 400 projects with global hotel groups and their vast portfolios of branded hotels.

This experience has honed an unrivalled knowledge and understanding of the hospitality industry, enabling us to offer a comprehensive array of professional services to hoteliers and property developers across interior architecture, design and branding.

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01. Design Consultancy

Working with you at the earliest stages of a project, we introduce research as a design precursor, getting to know the competitive environment of the business proposition both physically & digitally then building on this to determine the strategy of differentiation and opportunities to maximise your investment.

02. Interior Architecture

Efficient, operational space planning is a crucial aspect in driving value for your hotel design. We deliver internal planning, detailed design and structural alteration solutions for the interior your property, focussing on spatial hierarchy, operational excellence and distinctive interior spaces and services.

03. Interior Design

Great design is great business and with your guest experience at the heart of everything we design, we fuse our creative flair with our commercial insights to define their journey. We create beautiful interiors & activated spaces that deliver the optimum customer experience and ROI for your development.

04. Hospitality Branding

More than just design, we take cues from the location and provenance of your property to create a unique brand story and bring it to life. We deliver opportunities to leverage aesthetics and marketing to create a differentiated proposition that improves your F&B prospects and maximises your ROI.

Our Clients

Working with an amazing array of hoteliers, hotel groups and property developers on new brand concepts or established brand roll outs, we deliver outstanding, cost effective branded hotels around the world.

hotel brand development The Process

  1. Strategy & Research

    Leveraging research as a design precursor we find out more about you and your aspirations for your brand while investigating your competitive landscape, analysing developments in your sector and identifying your uniqueness.

  2. Conceptual Development

    Introducing workshops and storyboards we start to delve into your brand’s vision & values. Considering the design aesthetic & personality of the brand, your personas and target guests, we begin to define your brand proposition – with distinction.

  3. Branding & Positioning

    We’ve defined your story & your touchpoints , on and off line. Now we execute on the design philosophy and facilities programme for your property that will become synonymous with the creation and evolution of your brand personality.

  4. Brand Guidelines

    Taking your brand promise and putting it at the heart of the guest experience, we develop a detailed and considered set of brand standards & marks to reinforce your values and drive a consistently high level of guest connectivity & loyalty.

  5. FF&E Control Books

    Having created your brand identity, we will work with you to determine the optimum FF&E & OS&E products and budgets , aligned to the new brand philosophy while meeting the anticipated ROI from the property.

  6. Prototyping & Model Rooms

    In the final stages we work with you to create fully detailed prototype documentation, providing detailed technical drawing packages & 3D renders that articulate and instruct the execution of the brand and development of model rooms.

Occa Branded Hospitality Frequently Asked Questions

What is branded hospitality?

Branded Hospitality is a field of interior design that specialises in working with hoteliers and property developers to develop or reinvent hotel brands. These can be brands intended for global roll out or one-off boutique brands. Branded Hospitality includes four design stages, including design consultancy, interior architecture, interior design and hospitality branding. The hotel brand development process includes strategy and research, conceptual development, branding and positioning, developing brand guidelines, FF&E control books, prototyping and model rooms.

Why is hotel design important?

Hotel interior design is important as this is often the guest’s first interaction with a property and good interior design not only increases guest satisfaction, it sets the quality of service and experience a guest can expect – and the hotel can charge for. Additionally, good hotel interior design will improve operational functions, increasing efficiency and profitability in the hotel and ensure that hotel staff are working in an effective and well-planned environment. Good hotel interior design is also a commercial differentiator in a very competitive market and can make your hotel more successful than your competitors. Investment in hotel interior design is proven to deliver positive ROI and increase brand loyalty.

What is interior architecture?

Interior architecture is best described as a field of architecture that specialises in the architectural and structural aspects of an internal spaces that might include engineering, heating, plumbing, ventilation, electrics and ergonomics. It is the science behind planning and creating internal spaces on which interior design and FF&E is layered. Interior architecture in Branded Hospitality includes the design and development of all the back of house and operational areas of the hotel, as well as the front of house, guest facing spaces to create an operational efficient property that guests and staff love.

What is an interior design consultant?

An interior design consultant is a professionally qualified designer that specialises in advising clients on the design of interior spaces that might include a house, hotel, office, school, shop, restaurant, hospital, church, boat, plane or transport hub. In Branded Hospitality, an interior design consultant will work with an owner to position a hotel and create a compelling and competitive brand through storytelling and the interior design of the property. The interior design consultant will start with a feasibility study of the property and then work through concept design to develop technical design packages and then oversee the construction of the interiors and the delivery of all the FF&E.

What is hospitality design?

Hospitality design is a specialism of interior design that focuses on the service industries, including hotels, restaurants, café’s, bars, spas and other leisure properties. Hospitality designers work in collaboration with a wider client design team that includes architects, engineers, project managers, cost consultants and construction firms, amongst others. While interior design and aesthetic are important in hospitality design, the commercial realities of the property and business are often dominant factors and ensuring that the design is aligned with the business and anticipated ROI of the hotel is fundamental.

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