EDC Aberdeen


June 2014


Concept work for an Indigo Hotel to be based on Broad Street, Aberdeen was underway in 2014. With the IHG Hotel Indigo brand determining a strong sense of local identity, our research project looked at the history of Aberdeen and in particular the area adjacent to the site.

We discovered a rich medieval history to the immediate area. Castlegate formed the central focus of medieval Aberdeen with Broad Street as one of its significant streets. Nearby Provost Skene’s House offers a rare surviving example of Aberdeen’s Medieval architecture. Since its early origins, the exports of Aberdeen Harbour have included salted fish, hides and
wool, linen and cotton, and granite. Whaling, then shipbuilding were both active. Currently, North Sea Oil dominates trade exports.

Our concept looked at the harmonious contrasts of old and new, through the mix of materials, textures, shape and form. Medieval influences would be reinterpreted in a modern context and set against contemporary architecture and technology. Materials would be influenced by historical local exports.

Our bedroom concept was developed to 3D Visualisation stage. Timber and wool finishes combined with a feature leather headboard with a branded etched map of historical Aberdeen creating a feature piece. The diamond lead detail often seen in Medieval glazing was reinterpreted with the pattern appearing across the feature mirror and the fabric of the bed throw in addition to the furniture detailing. A rich red accent fabric brings warmth and richness to the room. The architecture of the room was clean and crisp creating a contemporary backdrop for the unique interior design concept.

With our client’s preference for a classic design style and the brand’s direction towards a more contemporary look, the concept met the expectations of each. The concept was well received by the EDC client team, progressing to branded presentation images as part of the Planning submissions. The projects were stopped in 2016 due to the economic climate in Aberdeen.

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