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August 2012


Our East London Studio concept plays on the juxtaposition of gritty industrial warehouse finishes mixed with traditional architectural detailing, and layered with a contemporary design style through the furniture and accessories.

Contrasts form the basis of this thoughtful design style which is both contemporary and inviting.

White walls in either a brick finish or ornate timber wall paneling, and white painted timber floors create a simple backdrop for this interior concept. Bright, airy and putting a modern twist on traditional elements the effect is striking. This simple approach of a combining a tonal palette, aged textures and a heritage feel creates a comfortable contrast which will show off the contemporary furniture collection perfectly.

A monochrome palette is applied across the furniture selection. Glass, steel, acrylic and lacquered timber reflect light, creating depth and movement. Furniture from new designers mixes with some of the design classics. Soft shapes and proportions of an exaggerated scale bring life to the rooms, mixing the crisp with the whimsical.

Bold graphic prints and vibrant accent colours in red and chartreuse lift the scheme and our cheeky sheep adds a sense of playfulness, keeping to concept youthful, informal and appealing. Considerate layering of texture and pattern softens the interiors creating a homely appeal ensuring the stark monochrome palette does not appear harsh. The use of bold patterns in the textiles is paramount in the appeal of the concept.

Masculine in its materials palette and feminine in shape and form the contrasts of the East London Studio work in harmony to create eye catching interiors which balance elegance and informality perfectly, creating a contemporary design style which plays on the design classic. Playing on the contrasts between light and dark, black and white, matte and sheen, hard lines and soft shapes if the lynch pin of the proposal and it’s successful implementation as a residential interior style.

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