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July 2012


This London Loft interior takes influence from the architectural features of a converted warehouse space to create an open-plan loft apartment style with a classic feel in a rich and inviting style.

The existing Victorian urban architecture influences the design concept in its traditional styling which is then given a contemporary twist.

The exposed brick walls of the apartment encompass traditional features which allude to the history of the building. These are whitewashed, creating bright spaces and softening the potential hardness of the brick. Exposed concrete floors, suited to the heritage of the building, are polished to a mid-sheen, giving a residential appeal to this typically industrial finish. This strong and unusual architectural backdrop creates a unique base for the creation of a warm and welcoming home interior.

Furniture pieces in aged brown leather and timber are blended with neutral patterns, textures and brass detailing to create rooms which are relaxed and inviting, in a classic style with a modern twist. The warm tones of the timber and leather add a homely feeling of cosy informality. Furniture pieces generally have a heritage feel to them, from the leather edges on the blanket box to the brass studs on the sofa. The eclectic nature of the furniture groupings creates an evolved ambience to the spaces. Pieces which could easily be seen as mismatched sit comfortably together in a casual and inviting way.

The resulting interiors have a sense of natural evolution through the curation of an eclectic mix of individual furniture pieces, lighting and accessories. The warm tones of the furniture are paramount to the success of the scheme. A firm Occa Design favourite since its evolution as one of our earlier residential concepts, and a testament to its timeless appeal, this interior style remains warm, inviting and stylish as ever.

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