EDC Aberdeen




The EDC team proposed a new build Hotel Indigo for Broad Street in Aberdeen. The hotel would be designed within the parameters of the IHG Hotel Indigo brand but with the addition of a rooftop bar and restaurant.

Our design concept had to sit comfortably with the brand standard, which dictates a strong sense of local identity in a contemporary style, but it also needed to appeal to our client team who had a preference for a timeless and elegant style, with a glamorous edge and classic finish.

Having researched a number of locally relevant topics suited to Aberdeen and the location of the site, we discovered a rich medieval history within the immediate area. Castlegate formed the central focus of medieval Aberdeen with Broad Street being one of its significant streets. The materiality, pattern, texture and style of this design concept were influenced by this Medieval direction.

To support the initial planning submissions out client actioned the development of initial 3D renders, to convey the overall tone and direction of the hotel offering. The development of visuals is a key part of our design development process, helping our clients to understand our final vision and helping us as designers to ensure every element of the design has been thought through and any issues resolved. These visuals also become a useful marketing tool for clients when promoting their project, and in this case when making a planning submission.

Our visuals for this project show a variety of developments stages for the sky bar and restaurant. You will see the restaurant with a more formal setup including table clothes and tableware, and then a more relaxed arrangement which has more of a lounge feel. Likewise the bar moves from relaxed to more formal. Throughout all you will see the materiality, patterning and textures taken from the original Broad Street Concept document.

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