EDC Aberdeen




The EDC team proposed a new build Hotel Indigo for Aberdeen. The hotel would be designed within the parameters of the IHG Hotel Indigo brand but with the addition of a number of additional facilities including a basement level spa and a rooftop bar and restaurant.

Our design concept had to sit comfortably with the brand standard, which directs a strong sense of local identity in a contemporary style, but it also needed to appeal to our client team who had a preference for a timeless and elegant style, with a glamorous edge and classic finish.

Having researched a number of locally relevant topics suited to Aberdeen and the city centre location of the site, we identified a huge volume of cinematic history with which Aberdeen has had a love affair since the early 20th century. A vast number of cinemas had existed across Aberdeen with a number of these in close proximity to the hotel. With its local relevance, the topic would meet the demands of the brand. With the glamorous and stylish design style of the early cinematic era, we also had a concept which would appeal to the client team.

Marble, granite and timber line the walls, set alongside mirrored glass, brass and rich wallcoverings. Carpets, tile and timber define the floor areas. Velvet and leather upholstery fabrics cover an elegant mix of furniture shapes and bespoke lighting features throughout the Public Areas.

The concept was received favourably by the EDC client team, progressing to branded presentation images as part of the Planning submissions. The concept perfectly encompassed the brief, balancing timeless elegance with the location and identity of an elevated Indigo Hotel property. Unfortunately, the project was stopped in 2016 due to the difficult economic climate in Aberdeen, however, this concept has remained a client favourite.

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