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October 2014


Inspired by the intense colours of the Mediterranean and the rich interiors of Palma, this Palma Townhouse Interior concept is designed in a relaxed, eclectic and elegantly chic style.

The show home concept drew inspiration from the coastal location, it’s sea-weathered timber and stone materiality, and the striking multitude of hues of blue that permeate the region. Lightness, warmth and a sense of restful calm are key to the ambience of this inviting interior concept.

Modernising a traditional Palma stone townhouse style, our project features a backdrop of whitewashed brick and stone walls, combined with weathered timber flooring that brings a coolness and brightness to the scheme. Natural light floods the spaces and views of the luscious greenery beyond are framed by large traditional windows.

Soft classic furniture shapes are mixed with contemporary styles and are finished in warm, washed or distressed paints and timbers that complement layers of aged leather, soft linen, and warm wools. These are accented with a colour pallet of stylish blues in a variety of hues, in addition to neutrals and soft greys. The relaxed styling of the furniture and tonal palette of the materials creates interiors that are fresh but inviting, reminiscent of early mornings by the sea and of relaxing in the early evening sun. Matte black metalwork detailing on the furniture adds a modern edge and give weight to the scheme. Furniture is procured from around Europe, from Great Britain, France, Spain, Holland, and Denmark.

Elegantly understated accessories are carefully considered to enhance the overall design and bring the space to life. French linens, cushions, and throws in blue tones feature a pinstripe with a nautical edge. Candles, trays, mirrors, and foliage further the peaceful ambience of these bright and airy spaces.

The resulting Palma Townhouse Interior is a cohesive residential design concept that is contemporary with a classic twist. It effortlessly stylish, delightfully fresh and wonderfully welcoming.

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