October 2015


This Warehouse Apartment Interior takes influence from both Industrial and Scandic design concepts, the contradictions between the two distinct styles creating a unique concept for a home interior. The interior style contrasts smooth contemporary forms with raw textures, and light elegant shapes with a palette of dark matte finishes.

Typically casual and set in large open plan spaces, this style often take influence from the Scandic principle of simplicity in design. This is then mixed across the old and the new creating an eclectic approach, thoughtful in its detail and inviting in its relaxed style.

The rough textures of distressed concrete walls are layered with industrial style wallpaper panels. The cracks and marks of the exposed concrete floor add a feeling of longevity and evolution to the rooms. High ceilings and natural light bring the spaces to life.

Largely monochrome, the furniture pieces are selected from a variety of designers across the UK and Europe. Design classics from Vitra and Gubi sit alongside new brands. Pleasing contradictions are prevalent across the interior design concept. Industrial style metalwork sits alongside inviting upholstered furniture in leather and wool finishes. Soft blush pink and gold tones site alongside the largely dark finishes palette adding a softness to a look which can easily lean towards the hard.

Accessories in white, pink, black and gold are selected to echo the angles seen in the furniture shapes. The continuity of these lines and edges gives strength to the design. The selection of items, from ornaments to storage, cushions, throws, and lighting are all in keeping with the contemporary design style, elegant yet fun.

Our finished Warehouse Apartment Interior is hugely contemporary, stylish and fun. With the skill of the Occa Design team, a space that could easily be cold and uninviting is warm, welcoming and enticing. The extensive design knowledge of our studio designers has been utilised to correlate an eclectic mix of design pieces perfectly suited to the contrasts and contradictions of the Warehouse Apartment Interior concept.

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