• FF&E Procurement

Completed: 2018


The Occa Design team was appointed to create a Gastropub concept for a key location on Old Street, London. The concept would provide a locally relevant, contemporary interpretation of the more typically seen traditional gastropub style.

Old Street runs between Clerkenwell and Shoreditch and is now mostly associated with the tech start-up scene and is abundant in bars and restaurants. Earliest records record it as Ealdsestrate in around 1200 and le Oldestrete in 1373.

In London 1991 The Eagle pub in Clerkenwell was the first to be reinvented as a gastropub, serving high-end beer and food. The idea of combining a restaurant within a pub would change the direction of the food and beverage industry forever, making traditional public houses a rarity. The ethos of a gastropub is simple – Good robust food, typically offering a twist on the traditional.

Our background research found that the original Hoxton Market was located on Hoxton Square, adjacent the site. Trading in clothing, fresh food and other goods, Hoxton Market, founded in 1687, was a thriving market. The East End of London has long been associated with market trading, from Bethnal Green to Brick Lane. The earliest bazaars are believed to have originated in Persia, from where they spread to the rest of the Middle East and Europe. These centres of trade attracted sellers which would stimulate the growth of the town. In England, some 2,000 new markets were established between 1200 and 1349.

Our ‘1687 Bar & Kitchen’ took influence from the London marketplace. Fresh, locally sourced produce, hearty meals with a nostalgic twist, served in contemporary surroundings. An indoors/outdoors concept, rich in subtle references to the marketplace creates a varied materials palette with soft tonal variations.

The concept was fantastically well received by the client and wider team.

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