What we did

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Occa Design created this Indian restaurant design to suit a prime site in East London.

The Indian Punjabi menu is designed to appeal to a wide range of local residents and tourists and the design concept for the restaurant creates a contemporary and stylish restaurant interior with Punjabi influences.

Situated between Clerkenwell and Shoreditch and surrounded by the tech start-up scene, the area is abundant with bars and restaurants, having a wide appeal to the young creatives living and working in Silicon Roundabout and Shoreditch, in addition to tourists and business travellers visiting the area.

Our ‘Panchanada’ restaurant concept is based around Punjab “ The Land of Five Waters”. Five rivers, including the Indus River are considered part of Indus Valley River System. In the Indian mythological texts, this region is named as Pancha-Nada also means “land of five rivers”. The rivers have their sources in the mountain range and are extremely fertile. The historical region of Punjab is considered to be one of the most fertile regions on Earth. Indian Punjab has been estimated to be the second richest state in India.

Our design is influenced by the Punjab Area, its history, landscape, colours, art to create a contemporary take on a traditional Indian restaurant.

Traditional patterns and prints are reimagined and set against contemporary materiality and texture. The palette is then layered with vibrant colour, and framed by a backdrop in neutral, contemporary tones and finishes.

The resulting design style is a unique, stylish, fun restaurant concept, suited to its fashionable location and the heritage of the area and blending seamlessly with the Indian heritage of the food concept.

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